Google Chrome – The Fast and Secure Web Browser App Reviews

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No Autofill or Saved Password Support

The program renders web pages just fine. However, since it doesnt sync with Google account data, its a poor solution for a multi-platform browser. I may need to use Firefox if I wish to have a browser that syncs browsing data across all devices.

Why do people hate this? ITS AWESOME !!❤️????????

I love this app. Have you ever wished you had a pc of computer? Well this app is just like having a pc or computer! It has google. WHAT MORE DO U NEED THEN GOOGLE!!?

Great app

I love this app Its like YouTube except better because it has taps and all that cool stuff and I have an iPad Air 2 and I started watching chrome but its always loading in the loading screen when you tap on a videos I really hate it so can you please fix that.


Lately it crashes several times per hour. Hoooorrible!!!!

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Cross Platform Sync is great

Nice to be able to work on my pic and pickup where I left off in the browser on either my iPhone. Or iPad. Bookmark syncing is great!


Never have problems with it! Always love that it just pop open and ready to go for a question in the search bar Or that I can type in one word and boom it pops up with exactly what I was looking for. Love love love it! Anytime someone needs to know something and I dont know it either I just say "Google it!" Lol


Google has an ideological echo chamber and is currently demonotizing anyone who has a view that is counter to their radical social justice warrior narrative. Google is run by a cult. The cult of diversity.


This app is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Love love love it!

I love Chrome! Its my go to app...


Chrome is the best internet App

Terrible App

Crashes, buggy as most Google applications have become. Overall poor quality with a lack of attention to proper updates- fix something, break something. Not to mention Googles censorship crusade. Goggle is evil.


Chrome is heavy on resources. Also, google is sketchy and very fascist. Ive been using Brave now and its a lot faster and more secure than chrome.


One star due to being political activists

Its the Google search without the hassle of a foreign web browser



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Firefox is a better option

Firefox is faster, more secure, customizable, and does not sell all of your browsing info/passwords like google does with its chrome browser to other companies across all platforms.(Many are Scammers and identity thieves). Firefox is 100% non-profit and is so private, that the organization that runs it, Mozilla Corporation, has no stock in the stock market and no part of the company can ever be bought by any dividend. The Mozilla Foundation, aside from the browser, is a part of the whole Mozilla company and dedicates itself to a free, secure, safe, and better web. You can join this company and help campaign for Net Neutrality and new innovative ideas for the future of web development and security. Both Chrome and Firefox have security features to protect people online, but Firefox is 10x more secure than chrome, and runs much faster, being non-profit and Open-Source. Switch to Firefox! It is a much better decision! Chrome has led the market to long! Switch to the better browser!

Its the best browser


Havent had many issues

I havent run into many of the issues that others are posting about. Seems to be good

Awesome browser fast and light

Awesome browser fast and light . Well Programmed.

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